I can’t begin to describe how bright the colors were, but I can try. The sky was a brilliant shade of azure, without a cloud to hide the warm rays of sunlight that were shining down upon the emerald green expanse. My mom and I were on a cliff that overlooked some plains that seemed to go on forever from where we stood. I wasn’t looking at the amazing view, however, I was looking at my mom, and I enjoyed seeing her there with me. I could hear Hyde’s song Horizon playing from somewhere, only to wake up and see it was playing on my computer.

I had that dream years ago when I first got into Japanese rock music and especially Hyde’s solo project outside of L’arc en Ciel. At the time, Mom was still alive, and Dad would’ve been alive as well I believe. I don’t know why my interest in Japanese music faded for a while, aside from saying that something in my life affected my interest.

After moving to New Jersey and being introduced to Mitsuwa Marketplace, my interest in Hyde Japanese music and everything else was brought to life once again. By that time, Mom had passed and Dad had already been deceased. Hearing Horizon once again actually became emotional for me, because I remembered the dream, I remembered seeing Mom and I wished I could use the song to teleport into the dream and live there.

If I ever hear someone perform the song in front of me, my heart may burst. Horizon opens with an acoustic guitar, then gradually adds drums, electric guitar and bass. For each of the verses and for the only English lyrics, the song drops back to the acoustic guitar backing. Unless, of course, it’s still just an electric guitar the whole time and it only sounds acoustic, in which case I’d still enjoy hearing an acoustic guitar version.

The lyrics speak of lost love, of wanting to wake up to a partner and be held by them once more. It’s a romantic loss, not the loss of a parent, though there are days when I would like to wake up to the sound of my mother’s voice (even if she’s yelling at me to get out of bed) and know that she’s still with me. A loss is a loss, whether it’s a parent or the greatest love of your life, and Horizon captures the pain and depression that comes from the grief and the absence. There’s a lyric that, roughly translated, talks about barbed wire wrapping around him, and that it becomes tighter the more he struggles. The more you think about the one you’ve lost, and the more you realize that maybe they’re not coming back, the more it hurts deep inside.

You can find the lyrics at Centigrade-J, but Horizon was released as a single so you can find an official music video for it as well. I recommend buying Hyde’s album 666, because Horizon is on that album along with Hello, Midnight Celebration (which he still performs at Vamps concerts), and a few other songs that are worth hearing.

And you can expect me to talk about other songs that Hyde has performed, but I do have other performers who are worth a discussion. If you’re expecting me to not talk about how a song relates to my life, that’s something I won’t change. I don’t like songs just because they sound amazing, I like music because it connects to my life and emotions. To me, that’s what a good song is supposed to do, and that’s how I want to share my favorite songs with others.


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