Stroke Of Perfection

I’m ashamed of myself.

I’ve been adding entries here about two or three times a week. In addition to that, I post text-based status updates on Facebook. Some days I work on that novel I tell myself I’m actually going to finish, because it’s important to me so I must finish it and make it a good novel.

I applied for a data entry position, and was asked to complete an assessment which measured my keystrokes per hour. How hard could it be? I’m used to sitting here on the couch, my legs crossed in some fashion, the keyboard resting on my legs, the mouse beside my leg.

I finished the assessment with 100% accuracy and a score of 7008 keystrokes per minute. Okay, that sounds good, right? I’m used to typing scores being in WPM, or words per minute, so I went to the Google to see how I did.

My typing skills are below average.

8,000 is considered to be an average score, with 10,000 keystrokes per hour being decent. 7,008 keystrokes per hour is roughly 23 words per minute, which is average but a bit slow.

Now wait, I did say I had 100% accuracy. I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times, which is all the more frustrating when I can’t actually make things perfect. Yes, I used the backspace key so many times during that assessment, I probably lost more time than I would’ve lost score-wise. I don’t know if they’re monitoring every keystroke, but I’m sure something is to be said about my accuracy versus my speed.

It’s definitely a higher speed than, say, someone who’s nearsighted and henpecking with one finger. I have that going for me, that I know basic keyboarding skills, even if I don’t always apply them. I know how to find the home keys without looking at them. I did take a typing class in high school, and since then my typing is somewhere between secretarial and pianist: secretarial for knowing where the keys are, and pianist because I feel like my hands move all over the keyboard (I tend to just use the index and middle fingers of each hand, occasionally using the ring fingers, and it’s not proper in the least).

I’m really just typing this for my own benefit, so I can be a little more conscious as I type of how I type. I find the typing comes easier when the content is coming directly from my head, so this is flowing easier than the typing test. If I had a timer going for this entry, the speed would easily be doubled, and I notice I’m also using the backspace key far less.

I wonder if I can re-take the test. It went to my job recruiter, and I really want and need that job.


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