Tous les Jours, or How I Survived My Own Bad Decisions

Near Han’s Oriental Grocery and the Asian-styled karaoke joint Palace Music Studio, there’s a bakery. There’s a theme to this, and that is to say that it’s an Asian-style bakery. With a French name, which translates to “everyday.”

Yeah, I know. I can’t go every day, though, so I picked up enough things for a few days.

img_4018And then I brought them back, and didn’t eat anything until the next day.

Being that they’re baked goods, it didn’t dawn on me to put any of the items  into the fridge. I thought of them as bread, not food that could go bad.

Nothing spoiled, of course. I just happened to think that I should’ve chilled a few things  as I bit into the first croquette I’ve ever had and realized there was meat and vegetables inside. The outside was pretty greasy, and I understood why I’ve always seen croquettes eaten with chopsticks while I’ve watched anime and such. I didn’t get sick or anything, so I survived the day-old meat croquette.

Later that day, I also ate the chocolate-filled unicorn horn-shaped thing. The bread part of that had the taste and consistency of challah bread, complete with the egg wash on the top. The chocolate filling was like eating fudge, as it was soft and delicious, not too sweet at all.

I don’t remember when I had the curry croquette. It was either on the first or second day, but I think I waited until the second day because of how greasy the croquettes are in general. It wasn’t a really spicy curry filling, though it did have a bit of fire but only enough for flavor. For reference, I don’t crave spicy food but I don’t mind eating it, but I do have limits when it comes to spiciness, so consider my tolerance for spicy food to be about average for an American.

The chocolate bread thing was dreamy, for lack of a relevant description in regards to flavor. It was sliced in the middle and then filled with chocolate custard and topped with chocolate curls. I probably should’ve refrigerated it for the custard, but it tasted lovely and I lived. Oh, I’d live on those if only I could!

The last of my croquettes was the one I felt the most remorse over not sticking anything into the refrigerator. I forgot I had a croquette with shrimp inside of it! Surely that one would be the one that should’ve been kept cold! It still tasted fine, but we were pushing three days’ worth of not being stored properly. It was shrimp and dumpling filled, which tasted like comfort food.

So I was down to the last item, and I was easily on Day 4 of leaving things out in the open. It was fine, because I figured the last thing was just an almond-topped pull-apart breakfast bread. I forgot what the description card said for it while I was in the bakery, other than to say it was a breakfast bread. I opened up the wrapper and pulled one of the chunks away from the rest. I noticed it was cut in the middle, so I separated the top and bottom halves and found that it was filled with a strawberry jam-like filling layered with a cream cheese-flavored spread that must have been baked inside, maybe, hopefully. It tasted like it would pair well with coffee, but I didn’t have any coffee at the time.

To keep saying I lived through these baked goods sounds like they were made in a questionable manner, but they really weren’t. Tous les Jours is kept clean, and the staff was quite friendly to me. The only issue with everything I bought was my own stupidity, because I somehow survived after failing at food safety. I apologize for not remembering the exact name for everything, but I highly suggest trying anything that appeals to the taste of whoever is buying any kind of goods. Therefore, don’t worry so much about what I had, but if it sounded good to you, find something like it if you can and enjoy!

And don’t forget to use the refrigerator when you buy meat-filled croquettes.

If you live in the Syracuse area, do a one-stop trip on Erie Boulevard and go to Han’s, Tous les Jours, and stop into Palace Music Studio if you’re there when they’re open. If you’re not into Asian things as much as I am, then just go to the bakery because you will definitely find something appealing.


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