White Snow Day

I’ve known about White Day for a few years, but never really remembered when it was. Of course, being a geek and an American, March 14 celebrations on my Facebook are all about Pi Day, referring to the date being the same as Pi to the hundredth digit (3.14).

Now that I’ve started following more things about Japan, I’m reminded that it’s White Day, the day when guys return the favors bestowed upon them on Valentine’s Day. I’m not expecting anything, since my valentine was nice enough back in February with his response to my e-mail, and I doubt he would follow a Japanese tradition for this white American girl.

But first, my Monday The Thirteenth was spent at the store. I was reminded that there’s going to be a snowstorm to end all snowstorms and it was on its way. Really? This is Syracuse. There was a movie called Snow Day that was set (but not filmed) in Syracuse, because we’re known for our snow. I’m a native to this area. I was literally born during a snowstorm. And yet, if there’s going to be about two feet of snow (almost 61 cm), and the governor is calling for a state of emergency and is asking for no unnecessary travel, then alas, we must fetch “bread, milk and eggs.”

I went a bit silly with the storm supply shopping, as I went to Han’s to fetch some Asian goods. I did get bread there, as they had the Hokkaido cream-flavored bread rolls that I often picked up at Mitsuwa. Mitsuwa carries more flavors, but they also have more floor space, so I didn’t mind that I couldn’t get the coffee-flavored bread at Han’s because they really have nowhere to put it. I grabbed a few more things, like some drinks, another pack of noodles, and they had the creme brûlée KitKats so I had to get those as well.

I also bought a bar of white chocolate for myself. I’ve read that white chocolate is the flavor of chocolate that’s given to girls on White Day. I don’t mind white chocolate, I prefer dark chocolate. But it’s for White Day so why not?

The wrapper is lighter in color than that. The room is illuminated by music videos on YouTube playing on the television. I’m still trying to adjust my sleep pattern now that Daylight Savings Time is back in effect and 1 am is now 2 am, so I’m not even tired as I write this and take pictures of what I bought. But I digress.

At the regular American grocery store, where I have to buy regular American groceries, I bought a loaf of bread, a 36-pack of eggs and a gallon of milk, along with things to make dinner. I was told by my friend to prepare for a storm, and to get something for dinner since she didn’t have anything thawed. When I got back and carried in everything, I was told that her significant other had also gone to the store. Supposedly she forgot that she asked him as well, but it’s easily plausible that she figured he would forget something or not go to the store altogether, so I was kind of a backup. He didn’t buy more milk because he knew there was already a full gallon in the fridge, he did buy more eggs and another loaf of bread, and he bought things to go with the meatballs I bought a few days ago to make spaghetti and meatballs. Since he really didn’t feel like having spaghetti (the idea was a go-to based on things that were already in the house), he opted to make chicken soft tacos based on all of the taco fixings I had picked up.

For how quickly food is eaten in this house (three adults, one teenager and two young boys), the storm supplies will be more than enough to get through Tuesday if everyone is home, and Wednesday if the weather is so bad that everyone is home for a second day in a row, and then last for a little while after that. Not to mention, everything I’ve been making lately requires at least two eggs (okonomiyaki calls for two eggs in the batter and at least one more fried egg if I do modan-yaki, omelette rice needs a two-egg omelette on top), so those eggs won’t get a chance to spoil.

But now, we wait. We wait for snow.

White snow, on White Day.

I could think of better things I’d want to get on White Day. After all, I never said I was a fan of snowfall, just that I was used to it.

I’m off to sleep. Maybe I’ll awaken to something nice for White Day. If nothing else, there’s Himuro, there’s Hyde, and there’s a bar of Meiji white. I’ll study my hiragana in between everything else I need to do. I could always wake up and decide to eat Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms, as I kick myself for not having picked up a pie while I was at the store. It all depends on what I feel like celebrating once the sun is up and I am as well.

Then again, why not celebrate all the things?


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