Follow Me On Facebook!

It’s nothing new, not a shiny new page or anything. Since I’m not posting a lot of other things, I’m using my Facebook author page to share links to whatever entries I make here.

You can find the page at

Like my page, and then leave a comment telling me what you’d like to see me post. I might share whatever music video has my attention, or an article that I found interesting and might discuss in a future blog entry. I might even promote other WordPress bloggers who follow me, because I’ve seen some amazing blogs that have come up in my list of followers.

More than that, I want to chat with YOU! What has interested YOU over the course of the day? What is currently motivating YOU, or what dream are you chasing after? What is a challenge you’re currently facing?

Ascension Of Luna is about making a comeback, realizing that rock bottom isn’t far away but never wanting to face that. It’s not just about my life, though I happen to tell things from my perspective. I’m being followed by interesting and amazing people, and I would love to interact with all of you!

Hope to see you on Facebook!


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