Silly Unboxing – Rosetta Stone

So I had nothing to do last night, and I was doing my usual perusal of YouTube. There was a bit of a thunderstorm, and my friend turned off her computer as she left for bed.

She also turned off the wifi. I had no internet. I can’t post anything without the internet. I can’t do YouTube without the internet.

I did have my phone, and I just played games on that until passing out for the night.

But no matter, that much was yesterday, and today was a new day.

I got a message from my friend Pete, saying he had a notification that my package was delivered! I couldn’t wait to get home from work.

What did Pete send to me? Well, let’s take a look…

img_4395Hey, that’s my box, you two! Ugh… okay, I’ll let you two start the unboxing.

img_4396 “Yay, there’s bubbles!”

“There’s more in the box. Get up here and help!”

“I can’t read. What does it say?”

“It says ‘Happy birthday in Japanese!'”

“Wow, you can read Japanese?”

“No, it says… you know what, never mind.”


Okay, you two. I’ll take it from here.

The front flap of the box has a product activation code card. The inside of the box slides out…

…like so. Lift up the flap…

…and there’s a quick start guide, the discs, a pair of headphones, and the end user license agreement in print (you know, that thing that everyone agrees to, but no one actually reads?).

 There’s four discs for the Japanese kit, one of which is just for the program itself.

I haven’t started using the program yet, so I’ll tell you about it when I do.

If you’ve never heard of Rosetta Stone, it’s language-learning software that’s been around for years. Expect to pay around $150 USD for the set, but it seems to be worth it for what you get. Part of the “interactive immersion” includes voice recognition, so it seems like it would be almost like working with an instructor.

I plan to use my other apps alongside Rosetta Stone. How can you derail the study of another language? The only way I could do that is if one teaches me formal Japanese and another method teaches me the Kansai dialect (which is often used by Japanese comedians, and is localized into American English by using a Southern drawl or not enunciating properly). Since most Japanese language studies teach formal Japanese, it would be hard to derail that.

I don’t really have much to say for this entry. I’ve had a long day, in that I came home from work and stopping at the store, and then I cooked, and then I cleaned, and now I have to go to bed and wake up early for work tomorrow. It’s all boring and mundane, for the most part. This unboxing was the excitement for my day.

So have you used Rosetta Stone, whether for Japanese or another language? Tell me about it in the comments, because I want to hear what you think of the software.

Once again, thanks to Pete (PeteMosq on all the social media) for the birthday gift! ^_^


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