Novel Ideas

Lately I’ve been thinking about doing some story-writing.

I have two stories started. Of those two, I started to publish one over at GoodReads, until I noticed an inconsistency in the events of the story. Part of me wants to scrap what I’ve written of that story, and just rewrite it from the beginning. The other story was started with me thinking, “I need to get this idea started as a story, and then I can go back to working on the other story later.”

So now I have an idea for a third story in my mind. I think I know how I’d write it as a short story as well as a longer novel.

Unfortunately, I have other things to take care of in my life.

I have to find a new place to live. My friend is asking me to move out, which is going to be a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because, hey, I’ll be living by myself again, I won’t have to deal with small children waking up at 7 am and starting fights with each other and waking me up as a result. It’ll be more peaceful to live by myself again. But, I have an abysmal credit score right now, so getting an apartment is going to require some assistance.

For the first story I mentioned, I actually took some inspiration from the apartment I had at the time, in New Jersey. Keeping that in mind, my next living space might give me some inspiration as well. I’d rather write based on my own experiences, because I feel it’s easier to describe my own frustrations or talk about little things that make me happy about something. If I get an apartment with an obnoxious neighbor, or a door that refuses to close properly, or there’s something else that’s unique and note-worthy, I’ll have something to talk about in the story I write.

Well, there really isn’t much to discuss tonight, but there’s so much I need to do in my waking life. I start my new job on Monday, which is going to take away most of my time to do what I really need to do during the day to get a new living space. This is going to be an interesting month, to say the least.

But I’m $25 closer to going to Japan! One of my friends from New Jersey dropped some money into my GoFundMe project. I know I have to take care of most of the funding myself, but I feel a little better now that one of my friends is giving me some support.

So it feels like things are getting better for now. I know it won’t last, but I do hope things don’t become worse than they had been.


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