About Luna

Marybeth Domurat is my real name, and Luna Dragon is a pseudonym I use around the internet. I was born and raised in central NY, spent two years in New Jersey, and then life events brought me back to central New York. I have a two-year degree from a now-defunct school that was deemed to be a for-profit institute, but I feel like I’m learning more just from experiencing life.

Ascension of Luna is a collection of entries I’ve made after beginning to heal some emotional wounds. The name comes from my determination to not give up on what I would really like to have in life, in that respect I’m in the process of rising up to something great. Success is a journey, and for me it’s going to be an adventure.

My goal for this blog is to remain positive in tough times. If I can’t find a bright side to something, I won’t post an entry. If I say anything bad about anyone, it will only be myself. I won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, but I don’t mind embracing negativity and darkness if it helps me appreciate the better things in life.

Entries in this blog are broken up into a few categories. Life deals with personal, day-to-day thoughts and events. Love is about my quest for the right person to share my adventures with. Work is about finding ways to make money, so I can survive without the assistance of others. Worldly Things is a fun collection of entries where I attempt to experience the rest of the world while I’m unable to actually travel.

I’m interested in visiting Japan someday. This interest came from watching anime, then listening to Japanese rock and pop music. These days, I focus more on the grown-up aspects, such as society and politics, but also Japanese food and trying to learn the language. When I get to Japan, I want to experience as much as possible. If I have to return to America, my hope is that I have no regrets as I leave Japan.

Many things interest me, but my biggest interests include music and video games in addition to reading books and writing novel-length e-mails and blog entries. Here is not the place to get into the finer points of what interests me, as I’m sure I’ll have enough content to make a few individual entries.